August 1, 2012

Life the past few weeks has slowed down in a really smooth, comforting, relaxing way.  It happened on accident but the slower pace, less stress and less things on my plate has been such a welcomed blessing.  Before there was social media, blogs, writing jobs, day jobs, and an endless amount of commitments there was just life. Life spent with the ones you love, doing the things you enjoy and it seems like we've been getting back to the simplicity (that I always talk about) just a bit around these parts.  I've realized that when breaks like this happen, the things that truly matter most become so apparent.  Im really taking this last month of summer to soak in the slow pace and lazy summer evenings. Its done my soul some real good.  


  1. I'm so glad that things have slowed down for you, it sounds like you often have too much on your plate to manage all by your lonesome. Enjoy your rest!

  2. I like, and I want to join you in this.

  3. yes- we did the same thing...sloooowed down....a time to recharge is always much needed. Thanks for sharing!


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