September 23, 2012

Much of this past weekend was spent resting, napping, sipping hot tea, and laying low.  This is the first time I've fought a cold sans any medication what so ever and I'm finding rest and fluids are the best medicine in this situation.  Aside from lazy afternoons and a runny nose, the weekend really was lovely. The first official day of Fall did not disappoint - the cool, fresh breeze was incredibly refreshing and we were able to allow the coolness of the new season come through the open windows all weekend long.  We absolutely love this time of year.  


  1. Get better mama! Had cold over weekend too and I got plenty of rest, which helped a lot!

  2. Thanks, Jenna! hope you're feeling better too! teaching and not feeling 100% is the pits. hope your kids are on their best behavior :)


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