October 3, 2012

We had such a wonderful time in LA these last 4 days.  It's been three years since I've been in the city, about 5 for Nick so being back exploring new neighborhoods as well as some old favorites was such a treat.  We finally got the chance to try Handsome Coffee Roasters and the Egg Slut food truck - good golly they were unreal.  We took a walk along the beach in Santa Monica, rode up to griffith park for some photos and amazing views of the city, ate an obscene amount and got the chance to attend a taping for Dancing With The Stars to show support and root my cousin Drew on.  

It's always so fun seeing friends in LA and experiencing that constant sunshine for a few days.  Now back to reality....


  1. do you think you'll ever move back out west? I hope too....

  2. So great that you got to attend the taping of DWTS and support your cousin! Looks like such a great trip! Your photos are great!

  3. I never say never, Jennifer but at this point it seems unlikely. My husband and I always say if an amazing opportunity presented itself then yes, more than likely. We like the idea of San Francisco over LA at this point too :)

  4. I was living in SanFran (google area) recently over the last 6 months. Love, love, love Northern Cali. Miss it already.... :-)

  5. oh, that feeling of coming back to reality. i haven't been to LA in ages. such a good city.


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