October 29, 2012

We finally began the process of putting together a nursery for baby girl this past weekend.  While we still have 16 weeks to go, it feels nice to be able to put her space together with some time, not feeling totally frantic and overwhelmed.  Nick painted the walls a very light gray, we've begun purchasing artwork and fun knick knacks for the mantle in her room, and we just purchased her crib -that feels like a huge deal! We haven't put it together yet and while I'm anxious to see it up I'm anticipating a swarm of emotions to come with it. I think seeing the baby's crib will solidify just how much our life is about to change.  Of course in the most incredible ways, I know, but it still can seem a bit scary.  

It's obvious this is going to be my most favorite room in the entire house.  I can't wait to show you the progress of the nursery as it all comes together! 


  1. What color gray paint is that?

  2. Hi Amanda! I'll have to double check the exact color name but it's from Mythic non toxic paint. Gray's are so hard- we have 4 different grays in our house and while we're happy with all of them, none are originally what we thought we were getting! We like how this one looks a lot though!

  3. Decorating the nursery is so much fun, although 6 months down the line I still haven't finished my little girl's. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly, love your blog btw :)


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