October 17, 2012

THREE YEARS. It has gone by in the blink of an eye.  It's hard to even understand how good life has been to us and how many amazing things we've been able to experience together. When we got married we were living in a tiny little apartment in Brooklyn.  A year later we moved to Cincinnati and decided to start our own business.  A year after that we bought our first home and a year after that we became pregnant with our first baby.  Typing it all out seems overwhelming but it really has not felt that way.  Somehow we're able to be each other's sounding board, support systems and best friends which makes all the changes purely exciting.  Now, as we celebrate our last anniversary just us, we're left with bittersweet emotions.  I truly believe our best years are yet to come but there's something a bit sad about it no longer being about only Nick and I.  Once our daughter arrives our lives will shift in ways I don't comprehend just yet.  We are beyond excited to grow our family and to teach our daughter how much we love in this family, but still, I feel like we're losing a little bit of what we have been for so long.  

Nick - I love you in more ways than you can even imagine.  You have given me all I could have wished for and I'm looking forward to seeing you as a father to our daughter like you wouldn't believe. I don't think I deserve you, yet somehow you chose me.  I thank God for that every day. You make me belly laugh almost every single day, you tell me you love me every morning, take care of our house like you've been a homeowner your entire life, are compassionate with every single person you come in contact with, and you never complain about a single thing. Ever.  You are the best man I know.  How did I get so lucky? Here's to the next beautiful chapter, my love.  xoxo.


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