October 27, 2012

....I think. We started our baby registry today and while the experience wasn't really fun (too overwhelming) it wasn't totally awful either.  We think we have all the necessities covered and were even able to add a few fun things from a favorite local shop that carries natural baby products.  My only complaint is that the stroller / car seat companies really do not make it easy for you to figure out which seats go with which strollers. I literally researched online for several hours only to realize I also need a car seat adapter to make our seat work with the stroller we want. Oy vey....so glad that's figured out! Also, why in the world does there need to be so much crap!? Heaven forbid if you want just solid, neutral colors on things! Nick's comments on the subject alone made the trip worthwhile :)  If nothing else, we've now got all the gear which makes us all the more anxious for our baby girl to get here.


  1. congrats! i found it really overwhelming and couldn't agree more about the simple, solid neutrals.... blue, pink, yellow. oy vey is right! exciting none the less :)


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