November 21, 2012

Okay. I just had to share this handmade advent calendar from The Spotted Goose. I love every single thing about it and the idea of a fun, interactive advent calendar has always been so appealing to me.  When my brother and I were kids we always had that cardboard christmas tree that told the christmas story one that had a chocolate behind each new day - know which one I mean? It was nothing special but oh my gosh did we love it! I can remember wanting to see what was behind each day so badly every day.  I love the idea of creating a fun, beautiful calendar when our daughter becomes old enough to understand.  This one is the perfect inspiration! What do you do for an advent calendar?

PS. Just signed on as an affiliate with some of my favorite companies.  I figured this was a good way to support some of the brands I love while also being able to remain 100% true to my own voice on this blog.  They are not typical advertisers that I have to please on a daily basis.  If you, as a reader see something that strikes your fancy through one of my affiliates, please click over to their sites. I receive a small percentage from purchases made from traffic through my site, so happy shopping! You may hear me, from time to time, talk about super awesome deals or check out codes but again, these are all super rad companies that i'm happy to support. Thanks to you guys for making stuff like this even possible :)


  1. This is so cute! We have a big hand-crafted wall hanging and I love it because we can stock it each year with our favourite chocolates. Can't wait to start the countdown next week! x


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