November 16, 2012

Just wanted to share this interview I participated in from The Baan Dek Montessori School. It was such an honor and having the chance to talk about Montessori education, my passions, and things I find inspiring on such an awesome venue is amazing. I've been following this school for some time online and admire the work they do so, so much.  They are so much more than a Montessori school (even though being "just" a Montessori school is something quiet special) - They're passionate about education first and foremost but they're also cultivators, entrepreneurs, philosophers and writers and a huge inspiration source for me.  Aesthetically, I've never seen a more beautiful school. If I ever make it to Sioux Falls you better believe I'll be paying a visit to the Baan Dek.  Hope you enjoy my interview! Can't thank Bobby and June enough for featuring me! 


  1. Whoa, cool! I live in Sioux Falls, about 1/2 mile away from this Montessori! I've been wondering more about it, I always hear great things. Awesome that you were interviewed!


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