December 19, 2012

Yesterday I chose two little outfits to bring you home in.  Of course you will only wear one but I think I need to know your tiny personality before we can choose.  I've been crossing lots of things off my list in preparation for you and am excited to show you off to family members who haven't seen how much we've grown in some time over the holidays. You will be the hit of all the parties :)  

Lately your kicks and movements have been so strong I'm sure you are going to burst through one of these times.  I love watching you do somersaults and feeling your little tush pushing for some more space.  I'm trying to give you all the space that you need, little one but it's getting hard.  Keep growing though and I'll figure out a way to give you just what you need.  Last week the doctor said "well there's just body parts EVERYWHERE!" - you really are quite comfortable and spread out in there!  We haven't yet chosen a name for you but your Dad and I keep saying our top choices out loud to see what feels right.  We know only YOU are the one that will be the decision maker.  Once we see your sweet face for the first time we'll know exactly who you are supposed to be.  This is not your first official Christmas but it sure feels like it.  You are such a presence in our lives and we could not be more blessed to be enjoying the season as an almost family of 3.  Next year at Christmastime you will be 10 months! Life will be incredibly different than it is right this moment and we can't wait for it.  We love you, sweet girl.  


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