January 11, 2013

/ writing thank you notes and avoiding the student evaluation forms that need to get done before I go on maternity leave :)
/ roasting a turkey in the oven for a nice little dinner party we're hosting tonight with some close friends.
/ enjoying the unexpected warmth and sunshine outside.
/ thinking and praying for Nick's family as we remember his grandmother who passed just yesterday morning.
/ thinking and praying for our baby girl.  There have been no problems but having spotted that we've got a two vessel umbilical cord about a month ago as opposed to the normal three vessel cord has me praying that she continues to grow on track, strong and healthy.

Tomorrow we have our childbirth class all day followed by a big family get together and dinner. I'm really looking forward to both.  Sunday evening we'll celebrate my grandma's 85th birthday, so as we think about the wonderful life Nicks grandma had, we're honoring another amazing woman by celebrating the years she still has with all of us who love her so much.  It's bittersweet for sure. Hope everyone else has a nice weekend with loved ones.  They really are the ones that matter most.


  1. im almost 34 weeks pregnant and have had some umbilical cord problems myself. they said it was too smooth as opposed to the normal ridged form it should have. baby girl was on track until a week ago and started to fall a little behind. so we're checking up in two weeks to find out if she's grown enough, if not im afraid of an early delivery.

    thinking of you and your little one and praying that everything goes well for you.


  2. I just love how you write. Good luck the next few weeks!

  3. Oh, Amanda- prayers are with you too. I'm sure everything will be just fine and even if you "need" to deliver a little early 36 weeks is plenty for her to be a healthy baby girl.

    Thank you, Izzy!


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