January 25, 2013

Well friends, today marks 37 weeks pregnant. Officially full term.  Thinking back on those first few weeks of pregnancy when for the most part, our little girl was still a secret, February seemed an eternity away. Literally.  I couldn't imagine at the time how we would ever get to this point and now, we're here. We've made it.  We had a doctors appointment this morning (no action yet) and I met with the Pediatrician this afternoon.  The pediatrician for our daughter, where  Nick and I will make decisions like vaccines as the parents.  Being pregnant is one thing but having the title of parent is something entirely different.  I think sitting in that doctors office today listening to him rattle off types of vaccines, how often we'll visit in the first two years, etc made me truly realize that we are responsible for making decisions for this little life that are terrifying- things that will hopefully benefit her in the long run and keep her healthy and safe. As scary as the task may seem at times, I'm ready to bring her into this world and do the best we can.  Oh, the adventures we're about to embark on...I'm ready.


  1. Awe! I can't wait to see your little sweetheart. Get ready to feel this crazy love you've never experienced before.

  2. That realization continues to hit you over the head as they grow. Its wonderful and scary at the same time! You look beautiful:)

  3. Thanks, Annie! I can't wait for it!

    Anna- I'm scared and excited just like you said! And Thank you!

  4. Wishing all the best in these coming days. =)

  5. You make pregnancy look gorgeous! I love your cozy sweater!


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