January 30, 2013

These days are mostly spent waiting... I'm still teaching my Tuesday and Thursday preschool class but these other days, where I'm home making sure the house is tidy at all times, laundry is caught up on and the hospital bag is still in the same place it's been for the past 2 weeks, are bittersweet and surreal.  Contractions have officially begun to be a part of my days on and off, never really leading to anything.  I'm hoping this is just my body getting ready - that we're near the end and that so very soon, she'll be in my arms.  Life is so quiet and calm right now - it's thrilling and odd to be in a constant state of waiting and wondering if this could be it.  I'm cherishing these days where her little face is still a mystery to me and where daydreaming of her scent and snuggles is not yet my reality.  Soon, I know.


  1. Best of luck and best wishes! Thanks for sharing your lovely life story.

  2. These last few days can be so emotinal. Soon is true. Soon will come and then you'll say "how did we live without her?" I was just browsing the web and thought of you, had to check in if it was time. Tomorrow my baby turns one, so maybe tomorrow you'll have a baby too :) Good luck mama

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  5. thanks for sharing such a wonderful life story, it's really great.


  6. Life is so quiet and calm right now it's thrilling and odd to be in a constant state of waiting and wondering if this could be it.

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