February 20, 2013

I suppose this is what happens when you blog and become a parent.  My entire world has been shifted and what I think, feel, read, and even daydream about pretty much solely revolves around my daughter and family now. I knew this would happen and  I'm more than okay with it. From even before I became pregnant, I dreamed of being a mother.  I knew I would love this job more than anything else in the world and I knew that when my time came to be a mother, this blog would reflect that.  I want to write about the things I'm going through as a new mom, as a parent raising a little girl, as someone who loves this job but also admits to how hard it is.  Parenting is no joke and I want Little One Love to be a place where other moms and parents can come  and relate to the things I'm sharing.  There is so much I need to learn as I navigate through this new chapter and I'm excited to have a place where I'm able to write exactly what's on my heart. I hope you'll stick around....


  1. So sweet. I don't have children, but i'll be following along!

  2. Wouldn't leave this blog even if you asked :) Cute picture.

  3. I've been meaning to comment on your posts since the birth of your daughter but I'm sure you'll know what I mean when I say that I haven't gotten around to it because my son, Miles, was actually born on the same day as Ruthie!

    So congrats to you on the birth of you beautiful daughter. I loved reading your birth story, and I was able to relate in many ways since my birth experience was also not 100% what I had planned for since Miles arrived 23 days early.

    I look forward to following along on your journey as a mother as I also experience this incredible life change. I've dreamed of becoming a mother to my little boy for so long now and the reality is by far better and more challenging than I could ever have imagined.

  4. I'm not a momma yet, but I'm sure when it happens, mu blog will turn into a dedication to my child. I'm sure I'll be a mommy blogger. Your daughter is beautiful dear!


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