March 29, 2013

I knew today would be good when I woke up to an email from a friend that said, Hey today is supposed to be beautiful, wanna bring the babes to the park!? Of course I did! So off we went to enjoy our morning at the park with friends, coffee and babies. Of course my little Ru slept through the entire play date but it was fun to be out in the sunshine watching her older little friends play. When we got home she was wide eyed and ready to kick and talk on the floor. This little girl you guys is becoming quiet the talker.  I laugh out loud at her squeals, gurgles and coos! I just think she's so funny. Tonight Nick and I have big plans for indian takeout and a movie and we're looking forward to the Easter weekend with our families.  We went to a worship service at our church on Wednesday evening and I've been feeling extra light since.  Our pastor's enthusiasm for the holiday was contagious and it was such an uplifting night.  So I'm wishing everyone else a wonderful good Friday and Easter weekend. There's so much for us to be happy about- I mean the sun is shining after all and there's no snow on the ground so that's at least something, no? Have a great weekend! 


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