March 20, 2013

Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet often posts her "currently's" and I always think they're so fun to read. It's nice to have a peek into those sometimes silly and sometimes meaningful things that we are currently into, so here we go!

Watching: To be honest Nick and I don't really have a show that we sit down to watch each week.  We did however just recently watch breaking bad and downton abbey like crack heads catching up on every season in a matter of weeks.  Isn't watching an entire series back to back like that so fun? I can remember us doing the same thing with Lost.  It was like we couldn't wait to get home from work so we could watch lost for 3 hours straight. Ha! We also just saw Argo which was so, so good. Oh and also, now that I'm home during most days, I've become a Dr. Phil addict. I'm not even ashamed.

Listening to: The new Justin Timberlake album, Bon Iver and Ben Howard.  These have been my go to for the past couple months. I'm also dying for a new Of Monsters and Men album 

Planning: The upcoming City Flea season and a few summer trips. We've got a New York and Colorado trip in the works and we're so excited to be traveling as a family of three this summer!

Thinking about: My daughter.  I find myself constantly thinking about the world we live in and how we can bring her up with confidence, passion, happiness, adventure, empathy and service. When I'm not thinking of those big picture things i'm thinking about her next set of vaccines, how many hours she's sleeping each night and how I could literally eat her face off. I just cannot get enough of her :)

Looking forward to: Warm weather!  The sun is shining bright today but it's still in the 30's.  Im desperately craving tank tops, picnics in the park, iced coffee, and hours of porch swinging.  Can't wait!

Reading: Volume 6 of Kinfolk while I wait for volume 7 to show up on my doorstep.  Also, The happiest baby on the block and the novel Resistance by Anita Shreve. 

Making me happy: My family.  We're still pretty much on cloud 9 as a new family of 3.  It's been really amazing and I still have plenty of moments each day where I can't believe she's mine. Life is just so sweet right now.


  1. This was a sweet read. I liked this perspective on life as you see it this moment. Some of these I completely smiled and nodded my head with you...especially the TV show watching. Everything you mentioned there is exactly what Levi and I have done and how I feel about it. HAHA (And credit to you for the Breaking Bad addiction we had!)

  2. Bon iver and Ben Howard are my favourites at the moment...also loving milo Greene.

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