March 11, 2013

Happy Monday, friends! Hope you were able to find some relaxation and fun this past weekend.  The weather in our area finally started to warm up and we were able to get out and about on Sunday to enjoy it a bit.  Ruthie took her first ride in the stroller and as you can tell she was thrilled :)  We eased our way into Sunday quiet slowly, sipping coffee on the porch swing enjoying the warmer temperature.    That time change sure did a number on us.  We didn't get out of bed until noon but hey, it's light until 7:30 pm now! Yay! Ru also made her first visit over to Grandma's house. Grandma was in heaven.  And that last photo? Gosh, it sure is fun waking up each morning to that sweet thing.   


  1. love that first shot of ru/daddy! ps you look amazing... are you sure you just had a baby haha

  2. I wish I had that porch right by the park. I would sit there all day.

  3. Such lovely pics! Your baby girl is beautiful. I'm loving the longer evenings, but still catching up from the time change with my second coffee of the day :)

  4. Thanks, Carey! I have no way to explain it other than once Ru came out it was apparent that was really all the weight I was carrying. Lucky me I guess. I have no crazy fitness regime or anything like that. Just how my body decided to do it all :)


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