April 19, 2013

Despite the Boston news coverage that I hear and see in the background, Im thankful for this day. Like anything it's always easier to nit pick at the negative and overlook the positive even when more often than not the positive greatly outweighs the negative - I needed this reminder and am grateful for some e-friends who reminded me. It's hard not to feel completely discouraged but i'm remembering how much good there is in the world and counting my blessings that in my own personal world most of my mornings look just like this one and that I am surrounded by people with kind, honest, happy hearts.  I'll be praying for humanity and Boston like heck this weekend and I'm thankful I am able to celebrate love with my best friend today and tomorrow as she marry's her best friend.  

ps. I'm leaving Ru with her grandparents tomorrow night for 10 hours! I'm a bit anxious about being away so long (I know she'll be fine- it's me who needs the encouragement :) Any words of advice?

pps. Ru is wearing her favorite little crossover top from B Nature organic


  1. Stop the cuteness! :) PS - love your bedspread! :)

  2. Thanks, lady! Soon I'll be saying the same thing about your little one :)


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