April 22, 2013

When my friend Lacy asked me to participate in this mothers day project I was ecstatic and couldn't pass up the opportunity to share a little bit about this beautiful print and the women's hospital the proceeds of the print are going to. Here's a little blurb about the hospital in Somaliland, Africa from their website. "The health of the people of Somaliland is among the worst in Africa, with one of the highest Maternal and Infant Mortality rates in the world. Every year, one baby in eight dies in infancy while nearly 4000 Somali women die in childbirth. This tragedy can be attributed in large part to the long civil war which brought about the death or departure of nearly all of the country’s trained health care professionals." 

The good news is that this hospital is working to change these statistics and improve maternal health. From educating midwives and fighting female genital mutilation, the Edna Adan University Hospital is making big changes for the people of Somaliland. So, here's how you can help- spread the word via your social networks using hashtag #givetoednaadan and direct people to the print shop HERE. Purchase the print for your own mom, a friend or yourself. 

Some of the details:

  • Prints are $30 with free US shipping. They will ship in 3-5 business days of order and will arrive before Mother's Day, May 12th. 
  • Half of all proceeds will be donated to the Edna Adan University Hospital. 
It's so hard for us to even imagine the circumstances, conditions and care most women around the world receive during their pregnancy and delivery that we take so for granted. The fact that during my own pregnancy I was able to be so closely monitored most of the third trimester because they spotted a small issue with the umbilical cord at my 30 week ultra sound was such a blessing. I was induced at 38 weeks because they saw Ru stopped gaining weight from weeks 36-38, and when they realized her heart rate was dipping during my labor I was in a place where a safe c section was available to me. When I think about my experience compared to most women's around the the world I am beyond blessed by the technology, skilled doctors, clean hospital, and caring nurses.  This is just one more (major) thing our society takes for granted.  We are so lucky and pure luck shouldn't mean other women should be deprived of the exact same type of care. So hop on over and purchase this beautiful print to help the women of Somaliland receive the same care you and I receive. 


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