April 4, 2013

It feels so nice to be back to contributing to the Classic Play Blog.  I took some time off to adjust to life with Ru but now I'm ready to get my writing fingers back to work.  Hop on over and check out my first post back on adjusting to life with a new baby.  

On another note, baby girl gets a set of four vaccinations this afternoon.  I know she will be okay but my gosh, my heart is already breaking for her.  Aside from the pain she'll feel I just pray that we are making the right decisions for her. Knowing what to do and what is best is something Im never sure of when it comes to her but I've learned I need to just trust my gut and go with what we feel is right for us.  In the meantime I'll be in the corner trying to get my strong mama game face on. Wish us luck!


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