April 3, 2013

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Since I last posted some home inspiration images, some small changes have been happening in our home.  I had a strong desire for a bedroom makeover so at first we just rearranged but after a couple weeks with the new arrangement it still wasn't what I wanted.  I've been craving simplicity and minimal "things" and furniture in each room (ever since I saw Jordan's 500 sq foot apartment I've been wanting to downsize in a big way- because less is more right? I think so.) so we took out a small couch we had in our room, replaced our end tables with something that suited us a bit better and changed our colorful quilt out for all white bedding.  It's not finished but I love how simple and clean it is starting to feel. I hope to share photos once it's finished.  What i'd really love is to repaint all the walls white and rip up the carpet but I think my husband would disagree with this plan. Ha! Our entire second and third floors are carpeted and as easy as it is to hide dog hair in carpet I sure would love wood floors throughout our home.  It makes such a difference! Maybe for our next home, if we do downsize, keeping wood floors clean will be easier with a smaller space? Anyways, I'm loving these spaces and am always so drawn to living space with plant life, gallery walls, books, and great throw pillows. Because who doesn't love great throw pillows? Am I right?


  1. love those honeycomb shelves! ever since i saw them on a beautiful mess i've been dying to do them myself. perfect for our office space. and i totally agree with throw pillows. i get new ones every season :)

  2. I love those shelves too! and such a great idea for an empty hallway or lonely wall!

  3. I miss wood floors. Yes, carpet "hides" that stuff better... but once you've had wood and know how quickly all that dust and hair and crap accumulates, you start to look at your carpet and you KNOW the stuff is all still THERE anyway. Carpet is nice for learning-to-toddle kiddoes as it's a softer landing, but other than that I much prefer wood... wood also provides much easier cleaning up of the various kid messes that are produced. ; )

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