April 24, 2013

About every six months or so I like a good clean redo on a lot of things in my life - my dresser drawers, closet, desk drawer, random rooms around the house, my blog and the clutter that has built up over time in my heart - to re-prioritize and feel fresh. It just feels good to get rid of the silly nonsense and start fresh every so often. I know my husband thinks i'm nuts and that I can just never be content but really, I like to work things up until the clutter, literally or figuratively becomes too much because it just feels so good consciously getting rid of it all. An e-friend of mine recently tweeted "Simplicity can be so hard to achieve," and it really struck a chord with me and made me wonder, why is it so hard? It should be the "simplest" of things in life to achieve- yet living simply truly is one of the harder things we strive for day to day. To not get caught up in what others are doing or how they might view you. It's definitely gotten easier as I've gotten older and as my priorities have shifted but it's still hard and with the amount of social media thrown in our faces with endless amounts of beautiful imagery and "perfect photos," it's still a struggle not to compare your own life to what you perceive as someone else's life. So my friends, I gladly cleaned up this blog a bit (which if you've been around you know it will likely change a bit more here and there) and have done the same around our house too. I guess spring cleaning really is a thing, huh? Cheers to happy, healthy, simple living.


  1. glad you figured out how to get a this pretty white background :) looks great!

    1. ha! thanks! I had to start fresh...but i'm happy with it now :)

  2. I love it! I always feel better when I simplify every now and again, and spring does seem like the most appropriate time to do it.

  3. Hi, i just found your blog. Its absolutely winderful! Im exactly the same i feel the urge to clear thinhs out amd make everything feel fresh and new every so often x


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