April 23, 2013

The past couple of weeks sure have been fun with this one. I feel like we're at the turning point of no longer being a newborn, headed straight into babyhood. She's talking up a storm and tells us the best stories. You really are able to have an entire back and forth conversation with her of coos, gah's and eeee's.  It's kind of our most favorite thing and Nick and I both melt into a bazillion pieces during every little conversation. In my mind the 3 month mark is a major milestone and we have just a couple weeks until we're there. We might start to worry a little less and we're excited for what's to come in her development around that time. This baby stuff- it's a dang good time.


  1. your posts make me want to have another mini! three months is a perfect age :) i miss the days when little william couldn't move around on his own and scare me half to death!

    1. haha! yes, it is so fun having her smile and talk with us now!

  2. Oh heavens she is seriously the cutest!


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