April 4, 2013

Often I forget how lucky Nick and I are that we get to work together.  When we started The City Flea two years ago we never dreamed it would have turned into what is has become.  On a personal front we've made so many amazing friends through our business and we've been able to connect with so many local businesses.  It's nice to be able to collaborate and promote one another in a non threatening, competitive way- by the way, what's up with that? In my eyes the more small businesses that pop up in a city means the city is growing and thriving- lets all support one another! We've also been able to understand better how the other person works.  Before working with Nick in a professional way I didn't realize how detail oriented and thorough he is.  He's definitely the one on our team that doesn't leave a single detail out, which, when dealing with over 150 individual vendors is a very, very important trait.  He's the more level headed one of us when something less than positive arises and he can delegate tasks like nobody's business.  I like to think he has discovered some of my own professional abilities along the way as well.

What I have found to be one of the most important things about working with your husband is maintaining your relationship as husband and wife first.  When we are in our busy season it's so easy to talk to one another like we're strictly business partners.  We went down that road when we first started our business and I can remember thinking, is this how our relationship is going to feel from now on? Like we're businesses partners and not husband and wife?  I think because I realized I did not like the way our relationship felt when we were working we made a conscious effort to change the way we spoke and treated one another while working. Even the smallest gesture, like him having a hand on my leg while we type emails reminds me that I'm his wife first, business partner second.
I feel so fortunate to be married to someone who shares the same creative passion as I do.  Collaborating with him on various projects has been such a blessing in our marriage and I thank my lucky stars that we totally get one another.  We dream big together and that's one of the things I love most about our relationship.  

Images were taken by our insanely talented friend Gina from Kiwi Street Studios at our very first Flea in June of 2011. The photos she took from that day are still some of my very favorite ever of the flea in action. Such a fond memory! 


  1. thanks for sharing! so timely. hubs and i are working on a project together now and it can totally put a strain on our marriage.


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