May 13, 2013

A few iphone photos from my very first mother's day. It was really a special day and having the roles reversed for the first time felt just right. Ru has only been here for just over 3 months but I swear it feels like she's been a part of me forever. I get it now. Motherhood. The love is just indescribable, that deep and wide love I've talked about before. Gosh, what a gift this mamahood gig is. 

Also, my goodness did I luck out with an amazing man. To wake up to breakfast in bed, flowers, gifts, thoughtfully written cards and a clean kitchen- the greatest part is, it was all just like him. Our baby girl is so lucky to have a dad as kind hearted and thoughtful as hers. Thank you, Nick for making my very first mothers day so special.

Here's to hoping all the other mama's- step, foster, to animals, and any other kind of mama there is had a wonderful day. 


  1. Happy First Mother's Day! Baby RU is too stinking adorable. :)

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  3. sounds like it was a successful day of celebrating momahood :) i think i'm due for a ru-squeeze. summer hours are rapidly approaching aka coffee date? ps we have that hanna anderson PJ or bird - so cute!

    1. coffee soon sounds lovely! hope you had a wonderful mother's day too my friend.

  4. New follower! Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day!


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