May 4, 2013

Oh weekend, it's so nice to see you.  It's been one heck of a week. Not bad, just one of those ones where you are not home one single night, haven't cooked a meal in gosh knows how long, have been super busy getting caught up on work emails and experienced your first scream fest with your three month old in a public place. Which by the way happened at a nail salon, feet deep in a soaking tub of water with no where to go. Yikes. Never again. 

We spent a lot of time with family this week too and you know what? It's been really nice. I've always been close with my family but I think becoming pregnant and a parent myself has given me an entirely new appreciation for our family and the importance of the family unit. At the end of the day family are the ones who will be there for you during your darkest days and I'm so thankful that parenthood has made this so evident in our lives. Hug someone you love today - It really is so important. 

This weekend we plan to get some yard work done. Shop for a new car (hello family of 3 plus a giant dog that doesn't fit in the insight anymore.) Picnic in the park. Eat an ice cream cone. Watch the marathon runners run past our house and celebrate a successful week of parenting and Nick's first week at his new job. Have a good weekend, friends!


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