May 20, 2013

Just a few photo's from the kick off Flea of the season. It was an amazing day and we had an incredible turnout. Thanks so much to everyone who came down and shopped and to all of our awesome vendors- you guys rock. We'll see everyone at next month's market on June 15! 


  1. Haha! Little Rue looks so excited for her first flea!

  2. This looks like SO much fun and Ruthie looks STOKED in that first photo! :)

  3. Oh my! I'll be there! I'll actually be there for the flea in June and every flea after it. This may seem silly but swear its one of the things I am most looking forward to about coming back!

  4. oh wow! i can't believe i haven't discovered your blog before now. we LOVE the city flea so much. we live over in northside and talk the whole car ride there and back about how amazing it is that someone took the time to put the whole thing together. i've never met you, and maybe never will- but trust that i tell everyone we meet that they must come down to the city flea events and support all the local businesses. you guys are amazing! and we'll be there the 15th! (swallow bike shop is putting a new bike rack on my linus while we are there!) thanks again for all you do! and i'm here at this blog to stay!


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