May 2, 2013

This baby of ours is three months today! Doesn't that sound so big? She has definitely turned into a baby leaving those newborn days behind for the birds. Here's the rundown:

Weight: not really sure but we're guessing around 11 lbs (at her 2 month she weighed 9lbs 3 oz.) She's just a (healthy) peanut!

Height: around 22 inches (she was 18 at birth- gosh they grow fast)

Favorite things: mama and dada's faces, bath time, her monkey and tiger wubbanub's, her ikea play gym and her swing. Also, black and white pictures. Oh also, she loves looking at herself in the mirror- I think the little stinker knows how cute she is :) 

Sleeping: Anywhere between 6 and 9 hour stretches each night. (she takes after her mama in the sleep department!)

Milestones: Turning her head at my voice and also following me with her eyes. Constant smiles (We're thiiiiiiiiiis close to laughter) 
This having a baby around thing sure is fun.


  1. Cutie pie!

    Happy 3 months to her, and to YOU as her mom. That's so amazing about her sleep-- enjoy it!! Sleeping that well at that age is rare.

  2. I can't get over how stinking adorable she is!!! Seriously. :)

    Question - since becoming a mom, what's one thing you would tell another newbie mom to purchase for the baby because you can't live without it? Anything? :)


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