May 21, 2013

Last night ( a few nights ago now) was a night to be noted in the little life of Ruthie Claire Dewald. She slept the entire night in her crib! I can't believe we're already finished with the baby in the bassinet phase but I am so glad she's made the transition into her own crib pretty seamlessly albeit the crib is indeed in our bedroom. (go on, i give you permission to laugh at my silliness) My friends, I'm just not ready yet for our baby girl to be across the hall in her own room. She'd be fine, I know, it's just me. I'm still so comforted by the fact that I can look over and see her sleeping soundly and happily and until I feel ready to move her, I'm pretty content with our current situation. It's a good transition for the both of us I think and may I mention we do not yet own a video monitor. I think that will put much of my anxiety about having her in her own room at ease for me. 

How did all you other mama's transition your babes into their rooms? Was it hard for you or for your babe? 


  1. it's all about baby steps...she has plenty of time to be in her own room, right? right! also, i love that crib!

  2. william spent exactly one night in our room in the bassinet. day two was in his crib in his own room. i'm not terribly sentimental and the one parenting book i read (which, by the way, never again will i buy a parenting book. they're so biased and mean!) was all about 'babies need to sleep in their own room in their own bed or they'll turn out as crazy axe murders'. obviously, not that intense but you get the idea. but it worked out well for us! there's no right way to parent :) and if you're all happy with your current situation, keep it up!

  3. Ellie slept in our bed (I know) until she was 9 months. She was ready. We were ready. The first few nights were tough, but she got the hang of it. You do what feels right!


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