June 28, 2013

Over the last few weeks we've reached a new phase developmentally that has been so much fun. Ru is actually reaching for and holding things now which is making me consciously think about what I'm putting in front of her. It has been amazing to watch her brain and body begin to work together and each day she gets a little bit better at using those fine motor skills she's been working so hard on. While we were in Brooklyn we popped into the children's shop Acorn, and literally wanted to buy everything we saw. We settled on these beautiful wooden stacking bowls. I love the bold colors and the fact that they nest and stack. Our simple, wooden toy collection is slowly growing and hope that introducing Ruthie to these types of materials will give her an appreciation for natural materials and the outdoors. 


June 27, 2013

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I think the best part about our long weekend in Brooklyn was spending so much time with two of our best friends. Jason and Julianne live in New Jersey and we decided to meet in Brooklyn for a weekend together and aside from having the chance to just hang out and catch up, it was so awesome to see them with Ru.

Here we are enjoying some time at Prospect Park and checking out Brooklyn Flea's Smorgasburg. And that last photo is of Jason and Julianne meeting Ruthie. Needless to say, we had a great time. Until the next time Brooklyn...


June 26, 2013

Hey there! We just got home from our long weekend in Brooklyn and gosh we had a good time. It was so fun having Ruthie in the city and watching our best friends meet her for the first time. We spent the entire weekend in Brooklyn, never stepping foot in Manhattan. As an ex Brooklynite, this is something I always feel so happy about when we visit the city. Nothing against Manhattan- I think it's great but I'm a Brooklyn girl and love that a trip to New York for us means spending our time in our favorite BK neighborhoods. Of course our first stop was to the Brooklyn Flea where we browsed and grabbed our favorite lunch of dominican quesadilla's.  We were able to find some really cool old arrows that we plan to hang in our family room and I was thiiis close to buying a new area rug. There were too many amazing ones to choose from, I couldn't decide! We also explored the new Brooklyn bridge park expansion which is absolutely beautiful and watched a lot of little cuties ride the carousel that sits in the park right on the riverfront. I had high hopes of riding it with Ru but she decided a nap in the stroller was more important. I agreed. I have a few more photo's I want to share so stay tuned tomorrow for more on our Brooklyn trip. 


June 23, 2013

Hello! Just wanted to pop in real quick to say we're in Brooklyn having a blast, catching up with old friends, enjoying long meals, sipping on good coffee and showing Ru our old stomping grounds. The city is so good and it's nice to be back. I'll be enjoying the few days we have here and can't wait to share the photos of our time in the city next week! 


June 19, 2013

Just wanted to pop in real quick today to let you guys know Ru's nursery is featured over on Disney Baby! Thanks to my good blog friend Lacy for seeking us out for the feature. If you are curious / interested, I blogged a bit about Ru's nursery here and here. 

ps. we're headed to New York in a couple days and I'm hungry for tips on how to keep a 4 1/2 month old entertained in the car for 10 hours. Any and all suggestions welcome! 


June 18, 2013

The front porch. It's pretty crazy how much time we spend here and its been especially fun with Ru around. I keep thinking that in the future, as she grows we'll have family camp outs out there and lay on blankets reading books and eating snacks and painting toe nails and I just love the thought of it all. For now our porch scenes look like this. My mom and I let Ru have her first little taste of summer swimming by sticking her in an ice bucket (she loves the water!) and gosh was it cute. These summer days hanging on the porch sure are fun.


June 17, 2013

We are so lucky to have him. As we celebrated his first father's day yesterday, I was just so overcome by how amazing he is. He's just a downright good man, husband and papa. Ru is so lucky that he will be her standard for how a man treats a woman and I know she will always know her true worth from the unconditional, deep love he has for her. Us girls got lucky with this one. We love you, Nick!


June 14, 2013

It's Father's day weekend and we're excited over here about it! My first mother's day just last month was so special, I cant wait for Nick to experience the same thing. Before we can really celebrate the day, if you are local, The City Flea is going on tomorrow so come to Washington Park in OTR for all the fun! If you need a cool gift for the dads in your life, check out the gift guide I put together with goods from our Flea vendors! Have a great weekend!

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June 13, 2013

It happened. The thing I never, in a million years thought would happen happened. Our first "child" Clyde the dog did indeed turn into a dog when our Ruthie girl arrived. I'm going through this weird sort of mom guilt over it. I do love him but these days most things he does (ya know like shed, shake and bark- all very much things a dog should do) drive me bonkers. Ru has hair on most her things, his barking wakes her, and his shaking, my god it's like nails on a chalk board to me. The poor guy, I know. I really do feel horrible for how our relationship has evolved post baby. I want to snuggle and dote on him like I used to but I just....don't. I'm hopeful that as Ru grows the old love I had for him will too. I just think right now with so much of my time and energy being focused on Ru the  annoyance he seems to have become is why I'm struggling so much with him. Gosh, I feel so bad even writing this but if I'm being honest this is all just true. Does anyone have any tips on how I can show him I still love him? I'm thinking even just intentionally taking 5 or 10 minutes each day to sit with him and rub him will do the trick, right? Sorry Clyde-O. Mom still loves you but there's just this tiny human who needs me a little bit more right now.


June 11, 2013

Last week Nick and I ventured out for an official first date since Ruthie was born. Babysitter, cocktails, dinner reservations and all! I feel so fortunate that we live in the same city as our families and can feel 100% confident that Ruthie is being well taken care of when we are away from her. That alone helped put any anxieties I was feeling at ease and allowed me to just enjoy a night out alone with my husband. I kind of forgot what it's like to be out with Nick without Ruthie and gosh it was nice to just reconnect and talk about any and everything under the sun. I realized in the middle of our dinner how important these types of nights will be for our relationship. I think it's good to remember that before there were kids there was just us, and when it comes right down to it, what makes a happy home is a happy family and you can't have that if the parents don't put one another first sometimes. 

We were excited to get back home after a sufficient amount of drinks, sushi, dessert and hand holding so we could squeeze and smooch our little girl, but I think we both went to bed that night feeling refreshed and giddy. I love my husband. 


June 10, 2013

Hey strong girl! You had your first big milestone this past weekend. Yesterday, with a lot of cheering and close watch you rolled from your back to your tummy! Twice! We were so thrilled for you and so proud that you were able to work through your frustration at not being able to do it as easily as you would have liked to. You never cried, just grunted and kept on trying and trying until finally, you did it!  I'm sitting here with you now as you lay on your blanket under your playgym and you are just the squirmiest, happiest, strongest girl I ever did see.  You are also just learning how to reach for things and try so very hard to grasp them and put them to your mouth. You have so much determination and though you sometimes get frustrated when your little body won't do what your brain tells it to you keep trying. Mama sure is proud of you and I so look forward to being with you as you conquer so many more of the challenges that lie ahead. 

On another note, yesterday afternoon I left you with papa (he wants to be called papa now :) while I went out for a couple hours to watch Isabella's dance recital and let me tell you Ru, I was an emotional wreck watching those sweet little girls dance up there on that big stage thinking that one day, way too soon, I'll be sitting in the same seat, proud as ever, watching you twirl and dance too. Love bug, you've changed the way I see the world. My eyes water way too often, my heart swells to capacities I never thought possible and everyday I melt into mush watching you discover new things. I love you so, so much sweet girl.

PS. You are totally loving your blabla fox now and anytime we set "foxy" down next to you you talk and giggle with him and yet again, we become mush. You're just a little bit cute.


June 6, 2013

These last few days I've been thinking a ton about how I want to spend my time and where it's best spent. The truth is, I want to spend my days giving Ruthie the undivided attention she needs and deserves. I want to leave my phone tucked away when I'm out to coffee with a friend or having dinner with my husband. I want to spend more time alone with a book or nothing at all- time to just breathe and think without checking twitter or instagram. Like most these days, having my iPhone by my side every second of the day is a delusional must. I need to see who's tweeting what when, instagramming, blogging, pinning, facebooking, etc. It's gross and Im sick of feeling like an addict to my device. At the end of the day, it does not matter at all who was active on social media that day. What matters is that my daughter, husband and friends or family I may have seen that day got my full attention while in my presence-that I was attentive to them and that they knew I was happy to just be with them. 

I worry for how Ruthie will grow up surrounded by devices and screens and fear she'll "learn" so much through a google search.  I so badly want her to understand the value in genuine human interaction. How to make eye contact, shake someones hand, open doors for strangers, say please and thank you. It saddens me that so many kids today lack these values simply because they have grown up with an ipad at their fingertips. My hope is that Nick and I are able to set a better example. We want to show her the outdoors, keep our phones and laptops put away when she's near and just enjoy being together without needing a screen to entertain us. With so much of my work life centered around blogging and social media I think a good way for me to keep it all in perspective is to hold "business hours." Early in the morning before Ru wakes i can enjoy a cup of coffee and knock some emails and blog posts out. Later in the afternoon when she goes down for a nap, same thing. I just keep thinking, I have one shot at raising this little girl right and I really just want to give her my best self.

Does anyone else struggle with this? Kids or not, we all seem to be so insanely connected to the online world, we're missing out on the real, good stuff. 


June 4, 2013

Birds of a Feather is a simple mini series of home design images paired with complimentary children's fashion photos. Aesthetic, colors, textures and similar feel are all taken into consideration when creating these fun little posts. Birds of a Feather....go together!


June 3, 2013

Yesterday this little lady of ours turned four months old. FOUR MONTHS! I can't even formulate the right words to express how much happiness she has brought to our lives the last four months. This babe- gosh she's one heck of a baby. Her squeals of pure, utter joy, her big blue eyes (for some reason I'm so surprised I have a blue eyed baby even though her daddy has blue eyes), the way she grows just a bit each and every day, the little stories she's constantly telling us and the way she kicks her little legs- these are the things she does most right now and the things we never want to forget. She still hasn't let out a big ol belly laugh (and I've been saying it for weeks) but I think she's sooo close. Oh Ruthie Claire, we love you so. Happy four months baby girl.


June 2, 2013

For the past four days one of my very best friends was in from LA and gosh was it fun having her here, meeting Ru and showing her around town. The last time she was in Cincinnati was almost four years ago when Nick and I got married. Crazy! The city has changed so much and showing her all that's going on was such a treat. I felt like a proud mom to our city. 

It's so fun reuniting with old friends who just make your heart happy. Mel is one of those friends. Even though we haven't seen each other in almost four years, it's like no time has at all has passed since our college dorm days together. I'm just so grateful she was able to come out for a visit and for Ru to have had the chance to spend so much time with her auntie! We already miss you auntie Mel Mel! Until next time!

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