June 10, 2013

Hey strong girl! You had your first big milestone this past weekend. Yesterday, with a lot of cheering and close watch you rolled from your back to your tummy! Twice! We were so thrilled for you and so proud that you were able to work through your frustration at not being able to do it as easily as you would have liked to. You never cried, just grunted and kept on trying and trying until finally, you did it!  I'm sitting here with you now as you lay on your blanket under your playgym and you are just the squirmiest, happiest, strongest girl I ever did see.  You are also just learning how to reach for things and try so very hard to grasp them and put them to your mouth. You have so much determination and though you sometimes get frustrated when your little body won't do what your brain tells it to you keep trying. Mama sure is proud of you and I so look forward to being with you as you conquer so many more of the challenges that lie ahead. 

On another note, yesterday afternoon I left you with papa (he wants to be called papa now :) while I went out for a couple hours to watch Isabella's dance recital and let me tell you Ru, I was an emotional wreck watching those sweet little girls dance up there on that big stage thinking that one day, way too soon, I'll be sitting in the same seat, proud as ever, watching you twirl and dance too. Love bug, you've changed the way I see the world. My eyes water way too often, my heart swells to capacities I never thought possible and everyday I melt into mush watching you discover new things. I love you so, so much sweet girl.

PS. You are totally loving your blabla fox now and anytime we set "foxy" down next to you you talk and giggle with him and yet again, we become mush. You're just a little bit cute.


  1. This is the sweetest post. Your daughter is so gorgeous! She's making me oh so broody! :)

    1. Hi Rosie! Thanks so much!! She sure is fun :)


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