June 3, 2013

Yesterday this little lady of ours turned four months old. FOUR MONTHS! I can't even formulate the right words to express how much happiness she has brought to our lives the last four months. This babe- gosh she's one heck of a baby. Her squeals of pure, utter joy, her big blue eyes (for some reason I'm so surprised I have a blue eyed baby even though her daddy has blue eyes), the way she grows just a bit each and every day, the little stories she's constantly telling us and the way she kicks her little legs- these are the things she does most right now and the things we never want to forget. She still hasn't let out a big ol belly laugh (and I've been saying it for weeks) but I think she's sooo close. Oh Ruthie Claire, we love you so. Happy four months baby girl.


  1. those eyes! she is so adorable! and getting so big so fast!


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