June 28, 2013

Over the last few weeks we've reached a new phase developmentally that has been so much fun. Ru is actually reaching for and holding things now which is making me consciously think about what I'm putting in front of her. It has been amazing to watch her brain and body begin to work together and each day she gets a little bit better at using those fine motor skills she's been working so hard on. While we were in Brooklyn we popped into the children's shop Acorn, and literally wanted to buy everything we saw. We settled on these beautiful wooden stacking bowls. I love the bold colors and the fact that they nest and stack. Our simple, wooden toy collection is slowly growing and hope that introducing Ruthie to these types of materials will give her an appreciation for natural materials and the outdoors. 


  1. Lovely toy - we sell lots of wooden toys in the children's shop I work in. They're certainly a lot nicer than the plastic stuff you get in supermarkets! :)



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