August 30, 2013

Hey there, friends! Happy Friday! We are looking forward to a weekend spent with my brother and his girlfriend who are in town visiting from D.C for the next few days. We've got a pretty jammed packed list of things we want to do, places we want to eat and people we want to see so I'm sure I'll be over on Instagram like a mad lady this weekend :) 

I'm doing my best to keep my mind in a good place about returning to work this coming Tuesday and as I said in a previous post, I'm not looking forward to leaving Ruthie two days a week but I am looking forward to getting back in the montessori environment a couple days. Positive vibes all around. 

On a less than happy note, I have been thinking and praying so much this past week for the Stone family. I came across Diana through some mutual e-friends and upon reading her story through her amazing blog, I immediately felt a motherly connection to her. My heart is absolutely broken thinking of all that she and her family are going through and all I can do from afar, without knowing them personally is pray for comfort and understanding. She has not updated her site in a week or so, so if you pop over there and are wondering, sweet little Kaden went to be with Jesus a few days ago. If you would, check out her story and send her a positive note. They could use all the prayers and compassion from all of us. It's so hard to understand why things like this happen.

And here are a few things I bumped into on the webs this week that I'm really digging //

| Clementine Daily - new project being launched by Erin and a few other amazing gals that I'm really, really looking forward to. Here's where you can read a bit about it.

| Jen's video of her and her kids Peach picking. So adorable and such a great capture of family adventure.

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August 26, 2013

Happy Monday, friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours was chalk full of home projects, seeing family and getting ready for the upcoming teaching year. I can not believe that it's time for me to go back to the classroom in just a weeks time. I remember when Ruthie came into this world thinking, gosh I have so much time until I'll be going back to work and now, here we are, almost seven months later. How did this happen!? Yesterday was open house night at our school and it was nice to see returning families, meet new ones and talk with co workers. Most all of my co workers are mothers's themselves so the first question I got was, "how are you feeling about coming back?" The honest answer is not that good. As much as I enjoy teaching and the kids I get to work with each day, being away from Ruthie (even though it's only two days a week) is not something I'm looking forward to. At all. It's hard to feel justified in saying I don't want to go back- it's two days, my mom and mother in law are the ones watching Ruthie while I'm working and in total it's 12 hours a week. Ruthie will be with two of the people I trust most and two people who love her so, so much. It is the most ideal situation, yet I'm still left with a knot in my stomach when I think about leaving her that first morning (and every other morning after that.) The thing is, I just love hanging out with her so much and don't want to give up even 12 hours a week with her. There's also all those little silly things only a mama could know about their baby. Like how when you lay her down for a nap she likes to be turned onto her left side with a blankie touching her cheek in just one certain way. Or how when she's drifting to sleep she likes a combination of swaying and bouncing in a half cradle half upright position. Or which tiny bottle she prefers for a few sips of water each day and which toys are the ones that will for sure put a smile on her face and how I'm able to decipher each grunt, giggle, cry and sigh like text book. And the nursing- oh the sweet sweet nursing. You know, all those types of things. Ugh.

I know this is an extremely common feeling for new moms and I'm sure it will get better as we all get into the swing of our new routine, but dang, why is this so hard? Any tips?


August 22, 2013

If you are a normal reader around here you know I have been going through some (silly) discontentment with my home. One day I'll wake up and want to move and the next I can't believe I  ever thought leaving this house would be a good idea. Today I love my house. I love the layout, the front porch, the amount of space, the exposed brick, the exterior color, my kitchen, the way the light shines through early evening. I got to thinking about what really makes a home. Is it all of those things or is it actually the way you feel when you are inside? The people who occupy the home with you and the memories you make together within it's walls? 

I love this house because this is where we set roots and became three. Where we have hosted baby showers, bridal showers, family meals, brunch with friends and where family has come when things were rough. Home really is where the heart is - my people are here, this is my home. 

ps. We are getting ready to lay new floors. Don't you just love this dark, rustic floor? I go back and forth between wanting a light stain and dark. (go figure!) 


August 19, 2013

If we're pals on Instagram- sorry about this weekend! It was just one of those ones where lots of goodness kept happening and I couldn't help but whip my phone out so often. Flea market weekends are generally that way. If you came down to the Flea this past weekend- Thank you! This market will go down as one of the best yet!  On Sunday our little family took a long walk to coffee and soaked in the gorgeous weather. Aside from being busy with running our market, I continue to work hard on getting this girl of ours sleeping better during the days. Not quiet there yet but I'm hopeful we'll get there soon.  Later in the afternoon our neighborhood pop up beirgarten was in full affect and it was such a fun way to close out the weekend. A little student of mine was actually there too! It's always so exciting for littles to see me out in the "real world" (and for me too!) I love having the chance to hang out with students outside of the classroom. Speaking of, I can't believe I'm back to teaching part time in just two weeks! Where have the past 7 months gone!? Here's to a wonderful week!


August 17, 2013

IMG_9599 - Version 3
Just a quick post to remind all my local readers the August Flea is TODAY! 10-4 Washington Park, OTR. 100 + amazing vendors, rad DJ, food trucks, sunshine. BE THERE. Plus, we'll be selling our tote bags alongside some photography! See ya there!


August 16, 2013

photo photo1
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned! We have The City Flea tomorrow and are really looking forward to a beautiful day out amongst our ever growing community. We'll be selling our tote bags and I'm excited to share, Nick will be selling some of his photography! If you're local come down and see us! 

On sunday I plan to really dive into my new parenting book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. We have really been having some sleep issues over here and more than anything I just want Ruthie on a nice little sleep schedule so all of us can keep our sanity. Lucky for us she's still so dang happy even when she has terrible nights of sleep. Anyways, see ya next week!


August 14, 2013

It's all so good. I'm having major dreams of designing our third floor / future playroom space in head to toe Ferm Living (if I had an unlimited budget!) Check out their kids collection and their new AW 2013 lines. Swoon.


August 12, 2013

Hello Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We were busy over here but in that good weekend sort of way. Here's just a few instagram snaps from the weekend. Not pictured, we also made a quick trip to the zoo and went to a friends for a BBQ last night. It was just lovely. 
| That girl of ours went off to the kids club at our church for the first time this weekend. I held it together while I handed her over to a complete stranger knowing this would be a good thing for all of us. She did great (I did okay) and it's so nice to now know we can use the amazing kids service our church has to offer.
| Those two napped Saturday morning away.
| Dinner date with my two loves in the city.
| I've been make up and dairy free for two weeks. 
| Ruthie and her foxy. They are sure to go on many adventures together in the future.
| The kids performing from my cousin/sister's performing arts camp. Such talent.


August 9, 2013

IMG_4137 - Version 2 copy

It's 4:30 pm on Friday and I'm feeling completely exhausted. I haven't blogged much this week due to a super busy past couple of days. This morning a group of women came to my house for a little gathering to talk about homeschool, montessori and education in general. It was fun to bring some mama's together for such a focused talk and it was awesome hearing insight from my good friend and rockstar homeschool mama, Jess. You know how that is though when you host something? When it's all over and the dishes have been cleaned, you're just womped.

In just a couple hours we are heading out for the night while Ruthie stays behind with her grandparents and while I should be super excited about this fact, I'm still not totally comfortable leaving her. I know she's in good hands but it's just you know, I know her best and all that jazz. And then there's the, will I have to pump while we're out dilemma...oh motherhoood. Anyways, here's to a weekend for refreshing, resetting and relaxing. Cheers!


August 5, 2013

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Hey there, happy Monday! This past weekend sure was good around these parts. Nothing super special, just a lot of time spent with my little family, a date with my husband, dinner with friends and a few different stops at local markets. The weather was just right all weekend long and this baby of mine decided to sleep 12 hours last night. Monday this week doesn't feel so bad. 


August 2, 2013

IMG_9503 Dear Ruthie, I sort of can't believe you are six months old today. Six months! Half a year! It's flown by but it also seems like an eternity ago when you were nothing but a teeny little thing that only needed sleep, food and to be held. I see fresh new born babies now and cant believe you were once that small. Just six months ago- why is it so hard to remember? You have grown so much in so many wonderful ways. Just last night we gave you some cereal for the first time and you took to it like you've been doing it for 6 months. You're just that way. You constantly surprise us with how well you adjust to new situations and experiences. You laugh and smile that wide grin at anyone who looks your way (melting hearts all over this town,) you bounce and roll around like a crazy lady, you put every single thing you can get your little hands on in your mouth (including faces and dog tails) and you make your papa and I the happiest two people there ever were. Honestly. I sometimes feel like people must think to themselves, "okay Lindsay, there's no way you are THAT happy as a new mom" (ya know, with all the exhaustion and nursing, and changing diapers, and normal baby fussiness) but I am. That's just the thing. I thought I was happy before you came along, and I was, but now, now I am this whole other level of happiness that I didn't know existed until you came along and showed me. I always think it's so funny how the littlest of people are the ones who are able to teach us the greatest of lessons.

You are napping right this very moment and as I rocked you to sleep I got tears in my eyes. I love this job of being your mama more than you will ever know. The fact that your little soul chose your dad and I is something I will forever be beyond grateful for - I don't even have the right words to describe how much so. Ruthie. I love you with my entire being. I can physically feel the love I have for you - one day, when you become a mama yourself you will know this feeling too. It's incredible and scary and wonderful all at the same time.

I hope you are having the most peaceful and wonderful little dreams right this second and that when you wake you will continue to dream as if you are sleeping because anything is possible with you and I hope you will always believe that. And not matter how silly or big or small your dreams may seem to others, to your papa and I they will be perfect and reachable and real. We could not love you more, Peach.


August 1, 2013

I absolutely love every single thing about Lucky Boy Sunday for both the home and for the kids. Now if only I had a million bucks.....


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