August 2, 2013

IMG_9503 Dear Ruthie, I sort of can't believe you are six months old today. Six months! Half a year! It's flown by but it also seems like an eternity ago when you were nothing but a teeny little thing that only needed sleep, food and to be held. I see fresh new born babies now and cant believe you were once that small. Just six months ago- why is it so hard to remember? You have grown so much in so many wonderful ways. Just last night we gave you some cereal for the first time and you took to it like you've been doing it for 6 months. You're just that way. You constantly surprise us with how well you adjust to new situations and experiences. You laugh and smile that wide grin at anyone who looks your way (melting hearts all over this town,) you bounce and roll around like a crazy lady, you put every single thing you can get your little hands on in your mouth (including faces and dog tails) and you make your papa and I the happiest two people there ever were. Honestly. I sometimes feel like people must think to themselves, "okay Lindsay, there's no way you are THAT happy as a new mom" (ya know, with all the exhaustion and nursing, and changing diapers, and normal baby fussiness) but I am. That's just the thing. I thought I was happy before you came along, and I was, but now, now I am this whole other level of happiness that I didn't know existed until you came along and showed me. I always think it's so funny how the littlest of people are the ones who are able to teach us the greatest of lessons.

You are napping right this very moment and as I rocked you to sleep I got tears in my eyes. I love this job of being your mama more than you will ever know. The fact that your little soul chose your dad and I is something I will forever be beyond grateful for - I don't even have the right words to describe how much so. Ruthie. I love you with my entire being. I can physically feel the love I have for you - one day, when you become a mama yourself you will know this feeling too. It's incredible and scary and wonderful all at the same time.

I hope you are having the most peaceful and wonderful little dreams right this second and that when you wake you will continue to dream as if you are sleeping because anything is possible with you and I hope you will always believe that. And not matter how silly or big or small your dreams may seem to others, to your papa and I they will be perfect and reachable and real. We could not love you more, Peach.


  1. I love this letter, Linds. I completely relate to your feelings that others may not think you are really as happy as you seem. Being a mother is such an indescribleable experience. Sure, parenting is exhausting. But, gosh, it's just so much fun. What a blessed thing it is.

    1. So glad you feel the same way. Blessed, we are :)

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