September 6, 2013

Just a little shout out to this man of mine. I can't thank God enough for sending him to me. I don't want to sound too cheesy or like i'm rubbing my good fortune in, but this man truly is one of a kind. As manly as he is, he certainly does not fit the "you know how men are" bill. He's sensitive and thoughtful, kind and empathetic. I've said it before and there really is no other way to put it other than saying he is just a good, good man. He is goodness in every sense of the word. This week has been full of ups and downs and I suppose I'm just feeling extra thankful to have him as my teammate in life. Which is exactly what he is - a teammate. We have been doing this life thing together for almost 8 years and I truly can't imagine doing it with any other human in the world. 

Thank you for being the best (truly) husband and father I could ever wish for. I love you.

ps. found this photo on our computer and can't stop staring at it. it's SO him. reds cap, on top of a bridge overlooking Cincinnati. this is him in his element. *swoon

Happy Friday!


  1. I love how you describe him as not fitting "the you know how men are bill". That's how I describe my guy.

    Your love for your husband is a breath of fresh air. I can't wait to be married :)

  2. Such sweet words. So often you hear people being critical of their other halves and this is just such a refreshing, lovely message. x


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