September 26, 2013

Sometimes I just can't even handle this girl and her happy, sweet, giggly, little confident soul. She is ready to swim in oceans and climb mountains. And I'm ready to watch her do it all from the sidelines with my sign held high - 'wave to me from the top, baby!' Seriously. Where does she get her awesomeness from? I would love to take credit but I'm not nearly as wonderful as she is. Hence, I just can't even handle her sometimes. You all saw this photo, right? I mean, COME ON! Okay, enough gushing about my own kid. It's just, the thing is, I adore every single thing about the season of babyhood. Babyhood with this particular baby. The out of control kicky legs, the slobbery chin, the sharp little fingernails, the squealing, rocking her to sleep and all the firsts - first time rolling over, sitting up, scootching and the ones we haven't yet gotten to. This baby is ready to be on the move -exploring and conquering. I look forward to it all. For now though, I'm breathing as slowly as I can while we relish in the handful of baby months we have left where it's just her and I and papa too.


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