October 25, 2013

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Happy Friday, friends! We've got the perfect fall weather going on this very moment in Cincinnati and Ruthie and I are soaking it up. This morning we met some friends for coffee then came home to explore on the front porch. This little monkey loves being outdoors, picking up every little spec of anything she can get her tiny fingers on. We don't have too much planned this weekend and after our last weekend i'm perfectly okay with that. Time to relax with my family is all I need.

Speaking of things I need - this mornings coffee date with a girlfriend (and our babes) was one of those dates you leave feeling totally happy and inspired by for no other reason than you feel a connection with the person you're with. (It doesn't hurt that Megan is a creative mama running her own creative business) This girlfriend of mine is new- we've really only known each other for about a year and have only gotten together a handful of times but there's just something about her that I adore and have a feeling it's going to turn into a really great friendship.  You know how sometimes you just click with someone? That's how I feel with Megan. I'm so grateful for relationships like that and for another mama in my life who I can talk to and feel inspired by. She's rad you guys. And her babes are beyond adorable. Her littlest one and Ruthie are the exact same age so it's totally fun (and adorable) to see them together. Anyways, Go see what she's about.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Can I borrow her hat? I have a really small head...

  2. Oh Ruthie! What beautiful eyes and what a gorgeous jumper!!!!
    I'm pleased about your new friend - I can emphathise, I recently met a lady that makes me feel like that and in a weird way it feels a bit like dating! haha it's lovely!




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