October 1, 2013

I am so in love with Opposite of Far, and how could I not be? These super adorable masks are just the thing for any kid these days. And the tag line, 'encouraging play, expanding imaginations' is what childhood is all about, no? I've been thinking a lot about ways to incorporate my business (The City Flea) into this blog and since Opposite Of Far is a kid related vendor of ours (we don't have very many kid related brands,) I wanted to share their company with you here. With halloween right around the corner, I thought this little company would be the perfect post to kick October off with!

So. Related. I may start to write a bit more about things happening locally. Nick and I are extremely passionate about our city and have become pretty connected and in the loop with a lot of small businesses and people around here who are all doing really cool things. It's not something I talk about on this blog much and I think i'd like to start. Our work and our city are such a huge part of my life so it only seems fitting that I bring some of it into this personal space. 


  1. gah, she is so talented and remains one of my favorite flea purchases. eleanor loves her deer mask and tail and sometimes insists on wearing them out in public (which i find adorable)

    1. I didn't know you had one! So glad! I love her work so much.


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