October 23, 2013

Not much going on around these parts but I wanted to pop in to say hi. (hi!) Today we are hunkered in, content playing on the floor, snuggling on the couch and sipping hot coffee. The weather is strutting its fall stuff and I just love it. I have plans to make a pot of spaghetti and meatballs and finish season two of Scandal. (Are you guys watching this? HOLY SHIZ. It's one of those series where watching just one episode is impossible. SO GOOD.) Anyways, I have really been enjoying this slow week. After our crazy one last week it's nice to not feel like I have to constantly be working, cleaning the house and preparing for so many things. Nick and I (and baby ruthie too of course) are heading to a cabin in the woods next weekend and I'm looking forward to it more than you would believe. So here's to the remaining week. May it be just as cozy and relaxed as this first half as been. 


  1. shonda rhimes is a genius! scandal is so fantastic. enjoy your quiet day!


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