November 11, 2013

The newest dream that's been brewing since our visit to hocking hills last weekend is to buy a little piece of land and build our own cabin to rent out and to also use for ourselves whenever we please. Something small and simple, nestled amidst nature. A comfortable little place for city folk to get away and enjoy the outdoors. I'm happy just thinking about it. These images are the vibe we'd love to shoot for. I may be getting a bit ahead of myself but I started a cabin pinterest board this week so I have a place to compile and build a mood board for this little dream of mine. 


  1. LOVE! Do you follow the blog Cabin Porn? You have to look it up!


  2. My grandparents and uncle built a cabin together in the early seventies; the cabin is still part of the family. We used to go there every year to get our Christmas tree. Such a wonderful and special place to have together! Do it!

  3. we have a similar dream! have been talking more and more about building a house. and I would love it to have a cabin/cottage look. beautiful first photograph!

  4. Well I better get over there and start following that board. That's our dream too. We're pretty crazy about the area around Bloomington, IN - Brown County - Nashville area.... xoxoxo!!!

  5. We've thought about that... when living in California we'd go to Tahoe a lot, it's one of our favorite places for family vacations. So far renting still works best since then we can rent a house/cabin as big or small as we need it (some of our trips with family include a LOT of people) but my husband dreams of one day owning our own place in the mountains...


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