November 6, 2013

Oh Ruthie. Gosh I love you so much- a little bit more each day if you can believe that. I can hardly since today I feel like I'm going to physically burst, but then tomorrow will come and the way this love continues to grow for you will prove me right yet again. So right now, at nine months, you are all sorts of adorable. You just learned how to clap your hands to patty cake, you army crawl all over the place, you are pulling your little body up to stand, you are constantly talking (and grunting - you are the biggest little grunter!) and you've just started eating snacks like baby rice cakes and cookies. You hold those things in your hand with the biggest smile on your face like you've just accomplished some huge task, which to you I suppose you have. You gag a little bit on those types of foods but we are working hard to get you comfortable with something other than milk and pureed food. You'll get there. The past two nights you slept through the night! Through the night! Alert the people! I wonder if you were just waiting for your 9 month birthday to show us you knew how? You are such a good babe, babe.

Every day is a new adventure for you and I just love watching you learn and explore. This past weekend we took a family trip to to the forest and seeing how happy being outdoors all weekend made you, makes your papa and I so happy! You hiked all weekend long with us and loved taking in the sights and sounds around you. I hope you grow having a connection with the outdoors. It's so important and way better than watching a cartoon or playing a game on the computer. Trust me.

The next time I write to you, you will probably be crawling all over and maybe even standing on your own. Time is not my friend when it comes to you but I have so loved watching you grow each day.

I love your guts my little monkey girl.


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