November 20, 2013

I'm finally getting around to posting some photo's from this past weekend's event that Nick and I had been working on for what seemed like an eternity! All those ideas, the planning, the anticipation - it all paid off (Phew!) It was different from our other markets, in a new and exciting venue with unique vendors so there was a ton of logistics to figure for this one market. It was worth it as our number one "complaint" was that the event was "too crowded." Ha! I guess if you need something to complain about, we'll take it! Thanks to everyone who came out! And a special thank you to the team at 21c - we could not have done this without you (wink wink, Eli.) We have one more market for the year so mark your calendars - December 14 at Washington Park from 5-10pm. 

Nick, Ruthie and I stayed the weekend at the hotel and while we spent most of our time working, it was so lovely to stay the night in such a beautiful hotel. Seriously, this is one of my most favorite places in the world. It's just wonderful. If you are ever in Cincinnati, there's no question- you should book a stay with The 21c. 


  1. you guys are wonderful, the Small Mall was beyond any expectation I (or anyone, I think) could have had and if the worst problem I had all day was not being able to ring people up fast enough, well, I refuse to complain about that! Thank you for being super duper awesome! Dang, that little girl is beautiful! <3


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