December 18, 2013

I can't really think of the right words for this post. I wanted to write something really meaningful but the story itself speaks in a way I could never. So, for now I'll give you the specifics and let you dive into it on your own.

Two and half years ago, our friend Ben and our friend Melanie lost their wife and sister. It was devastating, heartbreaking, and tragic in every sense of the word. EVERYONE in our community was impacted by Ali's passing and it was really quite amazing to witness an entire city of people rallying together to show this family love and support. (There are still good people out there, friends) I still can't think of this story without getting tears in my eyes. Not only are these friends of mine but having a little girl myself and imagining this same scenario in our own lives makes me feel like I've been punched in the stomach. I can't even go there, honestly because I become a giant mess of a human and there is no sense in dwelling on something like that. 

Over the past couple of days, Ben's story has been everywhere. Literally. ABC, NBC, TODAY, Buzzfeed. ALL OVER THE PLACE. Melanie (who happens to be an amazing photographer - actually shot our wedding!) took these photos of Ben and Ali on their wedding day in their empty house before they moved in and Ben and his daughter, in their empty house before they said goodbye to it. I really don't have words for how beautiful and amazing they are. Ben wrote a few words about the experience HERE and the full collection of photos can be found HERE. (Both sites have actually crashed because of the overwhelming number of people being who are being touched by this story so if the links don't work, that's why.)

This story deserves the attention of everyone. Ben says this isn't a story about loss or grief, it's a story about love and who doesn't need a little bit of that? 


  1. this is beyond touching. thank you for sharing!

  2. Awww thanks for sharing:) xoxo


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