February 20, 2014

Hey friends! Just a little head's up that Little One Love was nominated for Apartment Therapy's Homie Awards in the Home Design Family and Kids category.  We are just thrilled. Currently at the top of the list are some of the biggest blogs out there so I certainly do not expect to win, but the honor of being nominated is just as good to me! If you have a minute and wouldn't mind, I'd love a 'vote'. (I think you actually have to create an account, which literally only takes about 20 seconds) I can't thank you all enough!

Here's a little bit of background info on The Homies from the Apartment Therapy site: 

Since 2004, when we started, the blogosphere has changed, but one thing has remained the same: the remarkable number of people with talent, humor and a passion for sharing their lives, projects, cooking, and other skills at home. They are just often harder to find. The Homies isn't a competition as much as it's about celebration and discovery, and it was started to give more attention to the home design and cooking space than web awards usually give (they usually just lump us all in under "Lifestyle").

Thanks, guys!!


Thank you for coming by and taking the time to comment. Have a wonderful day!


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