March 29, 2014

I just can not get over these photo's of my two loves. Sneaky Nick and our incredibly wonderful and talented friend Gina from Kiwi Street Studio's had a little shoot at our house one afternoon while I was away.  The idea was to capture the sweet relationship between a daughter and her father because really, isn't there something so special about that particular relationship?  The timing was perfect as these were shot just before her first birthday and I think Nick loved the idea of celebrating a year of being a papa. They are perfect in every way and I'm just so so thankful to have the husband (and daughter) that I do. 

Nick also wrote Ruthie a letter that is published on Gina's site. I of course was a sobbing ball of a human reading it and can't believe how lucky I am to have this man father our children. He is the best example of goodness I can think of. 

Thank you times a million to Gina for capturing these sweet images that I will forever cherish!


  1. These are so sweet. It's not shown here but on the photographer's website, and my favorite one is where Ruthie is sitting on Nick's lap in front of the tee-pee. Such sweetness. I think you should make wallpaper out of these LOL Too cute :)

  2. Nick's letter brought me to tears. I can only imagine the state you would have been in reading that.

    Its so warming to read a father's perspective on his child and watching the love he has for them. I know many people, including myself, that grew up with broken fathers who didn't know how to express themselves and be open. Letters like this I think are a good way for men/fathers to show their love and their care to the people living around them. If only all men would be open to this idea.

    What a lucky woman you are.

  3. these are beautiful! i definitely get all mushy when i see my husband playing with our kids. it's just a really special thing to see :)


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