March 10, 2014

Since we got our cappuccino machine a couple months ago we still have not found the perfect cappuccino cups. We've been using our daily coffee mugs and while that's fine and dandy it feels like the experience isn't quite complete. I want something simple yet beautiful and came across these ones from Garden Trading and these ceramic ones from a shop on etsy (link not working) 

Anyone have any local suggestions to something that looks similar to these? 


  1. This is a local potter where I live that has amazing stuff!

  2. Nice read! I like the suggestions.

  3. Work with a local ceramicist artist and you can design your own! I contacted Funke Fired Arts and worked with an amazing potter who created all of our place settings, mugs, etc. He was great to work with & so informative. And we ended up with one of a kind pieces that were exactly what we wanted!

    Funke's is in Hyde Park on Wasson Rd. but there are other great places/people around Cincy too!

  4. Have you heard of Small Spells? BEAUTIFUL ceramics!!!


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