April 9, 2014

This morning, Ruthie and I had the pleasure of getting coffee with a friend to talk about an upcoming project, get to know one another a bit more and of course explore the rocks and dirt outdoors (one of us anyways.) It was the type of conversation that you want to linger on for the rest of the day. Where questions are asked and thoughts are shared and inspiration ensues. And then at the end of it you think, gosh, that was good. 

And sometimes you are lucky enough to meet someone who sparks a little fire in your soul. Even though it has been a building theme in my life for the past year or so, it was evident today that simplifying burns strong in my heart. My home, my work, my writing, my closet, the people in my life. The idea of quality over quantity reigns true for ever single aspect of my life and making that connection today was such a breath of fresh air. Less stuff but carefully curated 'things' in our home. Less, but more creative work. Writing with passion and intention. A handful of clothing pieces made of quality that fit and feel right. And good people in my life. No time or desire to be surround by anyone who doesn't cultivate positivity and happiness. 

So this is, in a sense, my mission statement. My heart is less cluttered and I am less consumed when the material things reflect the same. 

Today was good.


  1. Lindsay,
    I could agree more. I have working on this in more than one aspect of my life and setting lower expectations out of my daily routine. It lifts so much from our shoulders and lets you breathe easier.

    1. Thanka Anna. It's a a mindset that I intentionally have to be aware of but really am happier when things just feel "lighter." Have a great weekend!

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  3. Lovely post. And right after it in my feed was this fitting!

  4. Simplicity is so essential in life. I am learning this everyday. I am so very glad you're day was well spent and well received.


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