May 28, 2014

It seems that about every year or so some major shift in life happens and forces us to embrace the ever changing seasons of being human. Tomorrow is the last day I will be teaching, indefinitely, forever, who knows. I have been teaching for the past 6 years and have really loved my time in the classroom with incredible groups of little people. I have loved it, truly. But now, it just feels right to step away and raise my daughter and work on our business full time. I have always been a firm believer that change is good and I'm ready to take this next chapter on full force.

On a different note, we have been thinking so, so much about what kind of childhood we want our children to have - do we want them to run free in their bare feet through neighborhood streets chasing around other kids or do we want them to live in the city, hopping on the streetcar to get a donut at the bakery every Saturday morning? Both things are so appealing to me and like so many things in life, I just want to have a little bit of both. Is that possible? The thing about Cincinnati (if you are reading from another city) is that it is going through this incredible renaissance where so many people are moving back into downtown. There is a new restaurant on every block, coffee shops, parks, a new streetcar, etc. Really, it's so freaking awesome. I do want to be one of the families that takes this giant leap and really immerses into what is happening but at the same time it's scary, you know, because that comfortable quiet neighborhood filled with kids sounds just as good to me. This is what I call being stuck on the fence, my friends. And here's the funny thing- right now, our neighborhood is pretty much a little bit of both. (So the answer is yes, you can have a little bit of both) We live in the city (just outside of downtown) in a row of houses that feels pretty urban with a giant green space / park directly across the street from us. There aren't many kids and maybe that's where my hang up is. I just don't know.... so for now, here i'll sit, on the fence.....

As a side note, my husband is as urban as they come so the choice for him is so so easy. I just wish I could jump in with him right now. The amazing thing about him is, he knows me. He knows that I need time to process and plan our next chapter. One of these days when I get my mind in a place of peace and contentment, these entries will be so fun to read. Until then, thanks for being my sounding board.



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