June 13, 2014

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good week and is looking forward to a nice weekend. Tomorrow is June's City Flea, so if you are around town, we'd love for you to come down! There will be plenty of good pickings for all the father's in your life if you're one of those last minute type shoppers (hello,  that's me!) and some good stuff for you too! The weather is supposed to be just about perfect and the food trucks will be ready to serve something delicious. It's going to be an awesome weekend. 

Side note. This past week I came across some good stuff around the ol internet and wanted to share some of the stuff I've seen or read that has been making me happy.

/ Erin Boyle's instagram feed. Her lovely Brooklyn home has been looking especially lovely with her newborn baby girl now a part of it. 

/ This post from Natalie about hair care. Since Ru became a toddler, showering in the mornings has become almost impossible so I started using dry shampoo in the mornings I don't have time for a wash. Natalie has some good suggestions.

/ This pin because my god, Ru needs that romper so bad.

/ This roasted strawberry frozen yogurt pop recipe from Megan. We just whipped out our ice cream maker for the first time this past week and I'm excited to try these yogurt pops as a summer staple!


  1. Dear Mrs Dewald,

    We are your your followers who you blocked for writing in turkish the other day.
    We're really trully deeply sorry for being so overwhelmed by the cuteness of ruthie and because of that we might have written in turkish sometimes and the other times we try to comment in english as you can already see on other pics.
    We totally understand why you might see that was the right thing to do and that's ok but we had no bad intentions whatsoever and in fact we adore your little angel and your lovely sweet account. Every time we see that little angel it makes us smile and gives a bright light to our day. We showed your beautiful account to numorous people and made them follow. We tried to share as much as we could so everyone we love could already see and be happy just like us. I shoe every single pic pf ruthie to my mom who knows nothing about internet and she also adores ruthie.

    We'd like to ask you if it's ok for you to unblock us so we can follow you again. If you think it's not ok we'll totally understand and continue loving the sweet child and family of yours.
    If you do unblock us we promise never to write in our language and and always write in english.

    1. Hi ladies,

      Thanks for writing. I did believe you were always commenting in kindness but because they are photo's of my child, I am uncomfortable not knowing what people are saying about her / us as I'm sure you can understand. Someone translated your latest conversation for me and some of the conversation seemed odd to me. At any rate, I'd be happy to unblock you as long as your conversation on my photo's is in english for the protection of my daughter. Thank you for understanding (and for your kind words about my girl)

    2. Hi again!

      Thanks a lot for your kindness and elegance!

      As i said before we didn't mean any harm or bad intentions just being overwhelmed by little ruthie's cuteness. ❤️

      We'd like you to know from now on - no matter how cute she is ☺️ - we'll be posting only in english.

      Thanks again, wish you the best of all!



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