June 23, 2014

It's been a long while since I've shared instagram photo's here on the blog so I thought I'd pop in with a few of my favorites from the past few weeks. It seems that life since I've finished my final year of teaching has been so, so sweet. Each morning we wake up with the thought that we have a another entire day to do as we please. 'What should we do today, baby?' Is usually one of the first things I ask my girl each morning. She usually replies with 'pak' (park) 'outsiii' (outside) or 'porch' (porch) because those are her favorite places and most often I oblige. I make my girl some scrambled eggs and fruit and sit with her at the table while I sip my coffee. We chat about whatever we see or hear and then we play in the family room for a bit before we head back upstairs to get dressed for the day. I pack our bag with snacks and water and we head out. After a couple hours at the park or zoo or wherever we may be it's time for lunch and a nap (and time for me to get some work done.) The afternoons are usually just the same - an errand or another park. Some snacks and maybe some Daniel Tiger or Sesame Street for Ru to watch while I load the dishwasher. Papa gets home around 6 and plays with our girl while I cook something up for dinner. We might take a walk or play in the yard for a bit then it's bath and bed. This little life of ours is simple and it's sweet, and it's the only way i'd have it. 

ps. that little bird romper Ru is wearing in a few of the photo's is from L'enfant Sauvage . You will be seeing more of them later this week! 


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